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Today we will focus on verse 33, and Lord willing, finish the paragraph next time.

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The riches and wisdom and knowledge of God are described here as indescribably “deep.” , the depth! It is so deep that it simply elicits from the inspired apostle, as he peers into the ravine of God’s riches and wisdom and knowledge, an undefined “Oh! things; he knows what is in the darkness.” Notice the connection between “deep” and “hidden.” Oh, the depth! to him are all things.” The infinite depths are his, and the infinite heights are his. He is the last explanation whether you go down to causes or go up to purposes. ” signify at least: Unspeakable hiddenness, objective reality, and ultimate foundation.

” means that there are hidden dimensions to God’s riches and wisdom and knowledge. He is speaking of objective reality — that God knows and we know in part. ” signify that this reality is branches of an infinite tree. He is the foundation, and he is the destination of all things. Then Paul mentions the three things about God that elicit this exultation: riches, wisdom and knowledge.

He is credited with authoring The Instruction of Ptahhotep, an early piece of Egyptian "wisdom literature" meant to instruct young men in appropriate behavior.

He had a son named Akhethotep, who was also a vizier. Ptahhotep's tomb is located in a mastaba in North Saqqara (D 62) where he was laid to rest by himself.

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Going further north, several other rooms follow with one containing the false door of Ptahhotep and an offering table in front of it.

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