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According to a regulatory filing this month, Laurene Jobs has halved her stake in the worlds largest entertainment company in order to diversify her holdings.Ms Powell Jobs reduced her stake to about US billion, based on recent prices.

Jobs and Fenty were on a Caribbean vacation recently and were seen walking to a boat at the dock, after a trip to the shops.

The 51-year-old billionaire businesswoman met the 44-year-old at a Houston education conference in 2011, where they struck up a friendship due to their similar interests.

According to an insider, their friendship gradually turned into a "budding romance".

Fenty announced separation from Michelle, his wife of 15 yrs on Jan 14, 2013 & has reportedly started dating Jobs since later that year.

He has also embarked on a career as a paid speaker, part-time college professor, adviser for the state and local government practice of an information technology consulting firm. Fenty was known to carry three Black Berry devices: one directly connected him to the police chief, the second was for other city business, and the third was for personal matters.

The "Housing First" program to provide permanent supportive housing for the city’s homeless was begun.

"We want to keep our standards high, though, and are reluctant to grow through franchising or through dissemination of our curriculum and training.” Powell Jobs also founded the Emerson Collective, an organization that supports social entrepreneurs and organizations working in education and immigration reform, social justice and conservation through partnerships, grants and investments.

In September 2015, Powell Jobs launched a million project to create high schools with new approaches to education.

Laurene Powell Jobs, widow of the late Apple founder Steve Jobs, seems to have found love again.

She and her boyfriend, the former Washington DC mayor, Adrian Fenty were spotted happily shopping in St Barts.

Laurene Powell was a new MBA student and snuck to the front of the lecture and started up a conversation with Steve who was seated next to her. Their son, Reed, was born September 1991, followed by daughters Erin in 1995 and Eve in 1998.

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