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As the female partner with the more masculine energy, I find this dynamic really frustrating and wonder if it means I’ll be signing up for life where I will be doing most of the heavy lifting around all the practical dynamics of daily life?Over the past week, I have been scouring through tons of Male Plenty of Fish online profiles.The performance of masculinity dictates how some gay men communicate on gay hookup and dating apps: those who identify as “masc,” those who specifically seek out “MASC ONLY (no femme!!

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For those who are unwilling or unable to maintain a facade, straight boys seize upon your feminine mannerisms and call your gender into question, teasing you until the way you act without thinking becomes something to be ashamed of.

But what they don’t tell you is that once you’re out of the closet, you’re out of the frying pan and into the fire, honey—because many gay men have the same hang-ups about masculinity as those spiteful boys from middle school.

However, the one thing that they all did have, were decent pictures of themselves.

Evaluating the best place to meet good men online is something of a flimsy premise. They’re raising barns with their perfectly rustic neighbors or rescuing kittens from burning buildings to bring a ray of hope to a traumatized young girl. Which makes it worth noting for all the women looking for love online that all dating outlets are not created equal.

In other words, it’s the not completely free version of Facebook.

When you’re a closeted gay boy, masculinity performance is one of the tools you use to survive.Bottom line: a dating profile—your first impression—is “sell copy,” and you’re the product being marketed.The trick for you as “Boy” to get the biggest bang for your buck is to optimize your pitch so it will best appeal to Girl’s brain with content that directly tags her where Cupid lives.Yet, when it comes to online matters of the heart, finding “the one” often remains elusive.That’s because love, like the Internet, has a lingo and etiquette all its own.As a for instance, why would a man be anywhere near an outlet called Ok Cupid? Tinder takes credit for the swipe and scroll model of infinitely shallow opposite gender evaluation. If you’re bold enough to accept that fact that dating is largely a superficial process, why not immerse yourself in snap judgments about who to call a silly pet name in the future?

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