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Apart from the expenses, it is a difficult task to decide where to go.

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Located right in the heart of New Delhi, Connaught Place is a bustling hive of activity.

As well as being one of the city’s key financial and business centers, the area is also filled with all things cultural, from antique cinemas and toy shops to leading contemporary art galleries.

Looking for a way to spend the day or evening with your sweetheart?

If you’re wondering where the most romantic destinations in Gurgaon are, we have listed them for you. Whether you have an adventurous or an art lover, or a foodie, fret not!

You ought to visit this place for a quiet dinner date!

Azzuri Bay: The dimly lit rooftop setting is absolutely romantic, and picture perfect to win her heart! It harbors ‘Nautanki Mahal’, ‘Culture Gully’ and Showshaa Theatre.The hi-tech ‘Nautanki Mahal’ is the auditorium which can accommodate 800 people while the Culture Gully shows exotic arts and crafts.About the Activity: Master ji ki Haveli tour enables you with an opportunity to explore the culture, cuisine and heritage of Delhi.An under-the radar street, this place is well-acclaimed for its famous food destinations and provides a fair knowledge about India in a nutshell.Here we explore the best things to do and see in the area.

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