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Dr Himanshu Tyagi, a psychiatrist at West London Mental Health Trust, said social networking sites like Facebook and My Space have fostered the idea that relationships and friendships can be formed and destroyed quickly and easily.

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As always, I do not provide any guarantees with the file and I leave it down to you to use responsibly and for a productive purpose.” The database of passwords is not in cleartext.

They are hashed with the SHA1 algorithm which Bruce Schneier has denounced as a weak method of encrypting data.

So expect some great guitar playing on top of all the collective greatness. Producer, mixer and friend Tom Dalgety has received a nomination for 'Best Producer'.

Albany is the hub of Southwest Georgia for shopping, cultural activities, education as well as the primary trade center for the region.

Now I’m reached by the sad news of Gregg Allmans passing.

In my opinion one of the greatest singers from the 60’s/70’s rock/blues era, and a terrific keyboardist.It's a world where everything moves fast and changes all the time, where relationships are quickly disposed at the click of a mouse, where you can delete your profile if you don't like it and swap an unacceptable identity in the blink of an eye for one that is more acceptable.He said teenagers who socialise online put less value on their "real world" selves which puts them at risk of impulsive and even suicidal behaviour.I often tell Axe that he looks like a cross between a lumberjack, a farmer and Gregg Allman.Maybe it’s just me but it seems like an awful lot of heroes have been dropping off of late.Once the champion of the social networking masses, My Space has gone through many changes throughout its years as a social network.

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